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1. American Film Institute

The American Film Institute is one of the most selective film schools in North America. Their center for Advanced Film and Television Studies located in Los Angeles offers a two-year specialized program to train students in fields like writing, production, and directing. The average age bracket for students in the institute is 27 years. They have tutors and speakers who are professionals and experts in the industry. Alumni from the institute are known to be great producers, directors, and screenwriters. Some alumni from AFI are David Lynch and Darren Aronofsky. Students in the school are given the freedom to produce films as their thesis and they are given access to SAG members for their cast. The tuition ranges from $38,416 in the first year to $37,112 in the second year.

2. University of Southern California

This is known as the richest film school worldwide. The school has more of its graduates working in the movie industry than any other institute. Not just that, it has the greatest financial support from its 10,000 plus alumni. For instance, one of its alum George Lucas donated $175 million to the school not long ago. Others donate state-of-art facilities and equipment to the school regularly. The Peter Stark Producing Program managed by Larry Turman, a producer and a graduate of the school remains the sort of venue for execs and upcoming producers. The tuition fee starts at $42,000. Other notable alumni from the school are Jon Landau and Ron Howard.

3. Beijing Film Academy

The Beijing Film Academy is one institute that has shaped China as a nation. It is an elite school located in China that caters for production, writing and directing training for students. The school receives about 100,000 applicants each year, and they have to admit just 500 from the pool. The school serves as a major school of new talents for TV and movie production. Famous directors like Chen Kaige and Zhan Yimou are alumni from the school. The tuition for the school starts from $1,240 for local students and $6,665 for international students.

4. New York University Tisch School of the Arts

The school has produced notable artists like Martin Scorsese, the actor Oliver Stone and James Franco. They also invite alumni regularly to lecture students. Graduates also compete for a grand prize of $200,000 to complete a debut feature film. The school has a campus in Singapore and offer degrees in digital arts, drama writing, film production and animation. They also run a summer program for professionals. The tuition fees start from $45,674.

5. The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

This film institute is located in a city that has 29 McDonalds and 1,000 spires. It is known as the finest oldest film institute in the world and is also prided as one of the most prestigious. It is founded in 1946 when Prague was still trying to find its feet as a country. It has produced some notable filmmakers like Ivan Passer, Milos Forman, Agnieszka Holland and Emir Kusturica.