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Modern technology has brought convenience to our everyday lives. Advertising was once a pen to paper business that included a flip board styles of presentations. Through the years, the face of our reality has transformed into a digital presence. This metamorphosis has affected businesses both positively and negatively. While the pros seem to outweigh the cons, the fine lines amidst commercialism and consumerism have become hazy for most. From the start of Marketing magic to a supply and demand mentality, Tracing the Lines of antiquated Marketing to the digital age will provide insight for the possibilities of the future.

Marketing Print to Airwaves

Newspapers were the first vehicle in the field to deliver ads to the masses. As the radio waves opened and listeners tuned in, they were able to locate special deals on the go. This told marketing agencies the public was not only listening…. They were also interested. Television overshadowed the decades with shows and programs that were entertaining to watch. Networks gained an enormous opportunity to sell ad space before, after and in between shows. What began as a handful of witty frames turned into a sensation of creative Marketing.

Television pushed the boundaries that ultimately paved the way for Advertisers. An entirely new branch of Marketing was introduced to both businesses and consumers. Icons and logos became a prominent way to gain the trust of buyers. If a business could structure a celebrity to endorse their item, it was guarantee to double if not triple sales. Black and white television adapted to color tv while the networks expanded. Several channels spurred on the need for alternate platforms. Satellite and cable became the popular must have of the century.

And Then…

With newspapers and radio stations still flourishing, Marketing agencies were able to add a large spectrum of televised options to their schedule. At that time, no one could guess the explosive growth in advertising that was about to emerge. The internet started slowly with a handful of buyers and a pricey tag to go with it. Inventors consistently added devices to match the expedient advancement of online services. Digital Marketing began as a concept in hopes of favorable results. The polls were in and the world was now Digitalized on a global scale.

Marketing as a Whole

The positives of this aspect are proven in the convenience and availability of goods or services. In lieu of searching within your neighborhood alone, you can now find your needs worldwide with the touch of a button. Digital Marketing has heeded the call providing advertising across websites, apps and programs. It may be hard to see the negatives in such an open development, yet consumers have lost sight of the meaning in Marketing. Digital Marketing’s focus is to bring together the interests of consumers and businesses. They have to work to combat alternate party sources who add spam and unwanted ads to popular sites. The professionals in advertising have to be tech savvy and appeal to more than one specific group. Numerous competitors have made the field of Marketing an entirely new scene. With the right skills and expertise, Digital Marketing stands to surpass history with creativity and sheer innovation.