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There are several types of businesses that use Video Marketing to expand their clientele. The art of creating a successful video that fits into the parameter of your Business takes time to finesse. You may have noticed the upsurge of videos being used for direct sale opportunities. Interestingly, this style of Marketing has become wildly responsive and popular. Direct sales rarely has a cubicle in an office setting leaving representatives and owners to make their own schedules. In todays time, there are more entrepreneurs who work from home than we had on record twenty years ago. Technology and media awareness has opened the door for a plethora of potential.

A New Direction of Video Marketing

The New age of Marketing Videos has been met with great success. There seems to be an invisible line that defines who will make it and which Videos will be left behind. Often times, they run in the same circles with similar topics. This makes us curious as to what the deciding factors are, especially if you are considering making one of your own. Direct sales requires a keen sense of understanding towards their audience. How have they transferred that knowledge into their Marketing direction?

Transferring Knowledge into Marketing

There are three appeals to apply in a Video for your Business. Direct Sales typically involves a product or brand that takes center stage of the conveyed message. The largest task ahead of them is to generate a video that will capture the attention of those watching. Gaining a following gives you access to new contacts you would not have had the privilege of meeting otherwise.

Emotional Appeal– It is proven that a large percentage of shoppers respond to emotional or impulsive shopping. The inner psyche is reactive to emotional stimuli which will result in an instant memory being created. Clients may not remember each word they heard; however they will remember how they felt watching the video. This will stay with them the next time they are looking for a similar service.

Personable Appeal– The reps we see in Marketing Videos have a one on one style. They talk about their day, week and experiences that invites a bond to form with their viewers.  A point is made to not make their time full of sales only. You will watch as a simple video turns into a friendly face and someone we look forward to checking in with. Casual attire along with a home environment puts everyone involved at ease. Dressing to fit your business and being relatable are keys when building a trusting rapport with clients.

Personable Appeal
Personable Appeal

Capable Appeal – You will note how often Videos are made at home or in the car. Sitting in a vehicle making a Marketing Video may sound odd, yet there is a method behind the madness. It is not likely you will see an idle individual and automatically assume they have a full schedule. The backdrop of “busyness” denotes they are on the go. It is a good indication that they have several customers to see and are making their Business a genuine success.

Capable Appeal
Capable Appeal