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With modern technology comes the use of products made of toxic materials. This means that contemporary companies need to pay attention and be vigilant about how to properly dispose of or recycle such materials that are toxic or harmful to the environment. Companies can do a great deal to reduce their impact on the environment. Video production corporation can start by researching which companies produce equipment that is less harmful to the environment. This may not seem to be an easy task, but actually some companies, such as Hewlett Packard (HP) are working to reduce their use of products made with toxic components; they want to only use power cords that do not contain the plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as it produces toxins when made and when disposed of.


Another green strategy for a video production company to use is to recycle as much of their old and discarded equipment as possible. Instead of throwing old electronics in a dumpster, it is better to find another use for them or search for a company that will recycle them. Computers, cameras and video recorders that still work could be donated to schools, colleges or libraries to be used by others. Non-working electronics, such as computers or cameras, can be recycled through electronics stores, for example Best Buy. Computers contain toxic chemicals, like lead and cadmium, that will pollute the environment if the computers end up in a landfill. Also consider that many parts of the computer can be recycled, including the metal and plastic materials that make up most of the machine. Any computer printers can also be recycled, and toner (ink) cartridges should always be properly disposed of as well. Toner is also toxic to the environment, and some companies may benefit from a discount at certain stores if they take in toner cartridges to be recycled. Other ways for a company to be more ecofriendly is to reprocess any papers, cardboard or plastics. Employees may bring sodas to work to drink or eat food from plastic containers. There should be designated recycling bins for employees to place soda cans, plastic containers and paper for recycling. The best strategy is to have clearly labeled separate containers for each item. Employees then should be instructed to recycle everything they possibly can. Aside from reprocessing, employees should be encouraged to not squander electricity or water either.

Recycle ink cartridges

Don’t Waste

Employees could be instructed not to waste paper at work and to limit printing to only that which is absolutely necessary. When purchasing a new computer, it is a good idea to investigate which companies have recycling programs or use fewer toxins in the production process, and then support those corporations. For instance, Dell has a large recycling program and Apple has now started to eliminate the use of some of the toxic products they have used in computers in the past.  A video production company can become a more environmentally conscious one by following some of these tips.