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Currently, there are numerous social media platforms that support video content. From the mother of all platforms, Facebook which boasts of over 1 billion active daily users to Twitter, Instagram and many more. Such a multitude of daily users is sure to lure the interest of businesses aiming to market their brand to internet users. You, social media managers know that they’re in a competition with other brands and always aim to do their best in matters content development. Videos have in recent times proved to be a great marketing tool, and marketers and social media managers are keen to make their video content go viral to get ahead of competitors.

Somethings are easier said than done, however, as a lot of work needs to be done for a video to go viral, but it isn’t out of your reach. Let’s explore the few things you can do to go viral.

Video quality and length

The choice of camera to shoot your video is an important consideration. Some smartphones can shoot excellent videos, and thus you need not worry about acquiring an expensive camera. In the cut-throat world of video marketing, your video must have an excellent if not decent framing. Also, people tend to have a glimpse at the length of video before deciding whether to watch. Thus, you don’t want to make a lengthy video especially in the advent of mobile usage. People prefer to watch short videos say less than 120 minutes as it enables them to also share over social media.

Video content

Developing great content is the first step made towards the building of a viral video. Content creation requires a blend of two aspects psychology which helps in understanding the human brain and creativity. This grants you the ability to think from an audience point of view regarding the effect of viewing the production. Your choice of content can be controversial, funny, unusual, or helpful. Keeping up with current happenings helps in developing captivating content.


With the content created and video quality enhanced to acceptable standards. When is it appropriate to release the film to the masses?

The timing of the release of a video depends on whether it results from recent happenings say in the news or the content consumption habits of your target audience. Morning hours as people travel to work tend to be the best times to release or publish content. Also, weekends work out well depending on the type of content.


For your video to reach a bigger audience, you must invest heavily in advertising. For a video to stand as viral, it must garner a considerable level of engagement like the number of views, share, and likes. To reach a bigger audience share the video on social media platforms such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Bear in mind that there is no secret recipe for making a viral video. The details availed above are to provide an idea of what to focus on the real deal is hard work and consistency. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work hopefully your viral endeavors will be a success!