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Although filmmaking as a discipline requires a variety of skills and dedication, creating a short-timed movie is a good way to gain experience in filmmaking. In recent times, advancements in technology have reduced the barriers that most people encounter when it comes to the production of movies. Most digital cameras these days do not make use of films and allows you to connect to a computer and commence the post-filming process. To make a short movie to make your company, here are some steps to help you achieve it faster.

1. Get a Script

Although some filmmakers especially newbie may be tempted to go directly into the shooting phase and coming up with impromptu scenes, you need a good story with a start, middle and an end. Since the film is aimed to market your company, your script is meant to portray and market your company’s products and service. You can write your script yourself if you are a good scriptwriter. On the other hand, you can pay a professional writer to craft a good script for your film.

2. Create a Storyboard

Once you have a completed script, you need to create a storyboard. A Storyboard is a side by side outline of each shot in the film. It looks like a comic book and it determines the flow of the scenes in the film. Much of the work involved in making a film is done at the stage of creating a Storyboard. The advantages of having a Storyboard before you start filming is that it saves you time when you get to the actual filming stage. The storyboard does not necessarily have to be perfect as long as it helps the filmmaker stay focus and maintain flow.

3. Look for a Location

There are some factors that determine the location of a film. They include the theme of the movie and the script. You need to find a suitable location for your film before you start filming. If it is an animation video, then you don’t need to bother about the location issue. The location also has to reflect the products and services you offer. For instance, if your company is in the production of coffee, you may need to film inside a coffee shop. Always ensure that your location is cheap unless you have a bigger budget to work with.

4. Choose a Camera

Motion picture cameras are generally expensive. On the other hand, a digital camera is a better alternative because it is cheaper and a better option for upcoming filmmakers. In fact, you can also shoot a nice short movie with your Android and IOS device. The only con of shooting with your Smartphone is that it has a limited space. Motion picture cameras, on the other hand, have bigger space and allow for high definition filming.

5. Edit the Film

At this stage, you are done with the shooting stage. The raw footage may contain materials that are not relevant to the script or the story you want to portray. You need to edit out the unwanted parts of the movie.