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HOW DOES YOUTUBE ADVERTISING WORK? is one of the most visited pages in the world where you can find videos on all possible topics. At the same time, it is one of the most effective channels for advertising and increasing brand awareness. These days, many people watch less TV or no longer use it at all, as a result, YouTube is a new niche where you can reach your potential buyers. This method of marketing is called YouTube advertising. The promotional video is always displayed before the main video plays. It can be viewed or skipped after a few seconds. However, the advance of digital marketing provides more and more advertising options on this platform.

Mix of Google Ads and YouTube

Video advertising is currently one of the main digital marketing trends in 2019-2021, but many advertisers still find YouTube ads unsuitable for them: they are too expensive and ineffective in addressing their business performance issues. Still, this is the wrong approach. It is important to understand how YouTube video advertising works. With a variety of video ad formats, automated strategies, and precise action targeting, a Google Ads advertiser can provide highly accurate personalized offers to different segments of their target audience.

It is easy to encourage the potential audience to take targeted action when choosing a particular product or potential service. Encourages the search for a solution to one or another existing problem. You can run ads with the minimum budget available. By linking Google Ads to your YouTube account and Google Analytics, you will be able to analyze placement statistics in detail and leverage aggregated user audiences to interact with ads further down the chain to increase conversions and customer life for your business.


TrueView YouTube video ads are designed to grab the attention of customers within the first 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the customer can watch the promotional video below or click ‘Skip’ and continue watching the previously watched video. Such YouTube ads give the product mass visibility. This type is charged only for full impressions or clicks on the displayed ad that led to the website of an advertiser. Advantages: ads are free until the user views the ad in 30 seconds, and the price of the ad is from € 0.01 per click or video view.


In-Search advertising is a great way to find potential customers when they search on YouTube for some information. Such YouTube ads appear in the search above organic search results, which are marked with a yellow frame with the word “ad” inside. These YouTube ads work great, so they can easily gain trust in the product or service you offer.

In-Display YouTube display ads are ads that appear to the right of a similar video and above the list of suggested videos. On larger players, this ad may appear below the player.

YouTube ads are semi-transparent and overlapping ads that appear in the bottom 20% of the video. There is also the option to display 300×250 and 300×260 YouTube ads, to the right of the similar video and above the list of suggested videos.