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There are many great tools that go into making a movie, and if you want to make a successful video you may want to invest in a few of these pieces.

Rode Videomic Pro

One major weakness which major Digital single-lens reflex camera is that they come with low sound quality. They have a great picture quality, but the mics that are built into them are so weak. Most expert videographers will tell you that a video with low sound quality is not professional. The Rode VideoMic Pro is small in size but very powerful when it comes to producing high-end sounds for videos. This mic can produce up to 70 hours of audio recording on its 9V battery. It is a must-have for every professional videographer out there.

Led Light Panel

There is a need for a controllable and dependable source of light when you are making a video. The LED panel is the best equipment to solve this equipment. If you are working on a big monetary budget, you can get other expensive LED panels, but there are cheaper options like the Luma Litepanel which serves the same purpose and goes for less than $300. Any LED you to choose to need to be lightweight and have a powerful 50 degree spread light and set up on top of your video camera.

Headphones for Audio Monitoring

When shooting a video, audio monitoring is a vital part of the whole process. Thus, you need a quality headphone to do the job. You need to be careful when choosing a headphone because most headphones produced these days are made to flatter audio sounds. You don’t need such audio filter as a videographer, you need to know when your audio is perfect.

A Reflector, Tripod and Pan Head

A reflector is used to control and modify the lighting in the video. It is also used for still photography. You need to get a reflector that is versatile and with ambient, white, gold, black or silver surfaces. The tripod used to keep the camera in a stable position while shooting. You need to get a strong tripod for shooting, and you should also consider buying a pan head, if you want to have a smooth camera movement.

Memory Card

Video recording is a big deal, and you need enough space to contain the contents that are being recorded. Every professional videographer knows the importance of having a memory card with ample area. Therefore, you need to purchase a memory card that can contain the large volume of video content at a fast pace too.

Adobe Premiere Elements

The work involved in the video does not end after the video is made. Editing is where the bulk of work is at. You need to begin with light offerings especially if you are a beginner in the whole editing process before changing into Final Cut Pro.

Eye Piece

During your video production process, you are going to be working on the big LCD screen, and you may be exposed to glare especially when you are shooting outside. As a result, you need to buy an LCD viewfinder that provides a glare-free view of the camera’s LCD.