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The fast growth of smartphone users across the globe has turned the world into a global village. Consequently, business owners have drawn up strategies to help reach out to these consumers via content creation. Digital marketing is by far the most preferred technique that offers direct links between the social media community and advertisers. Establishing of a strong presence in this arena doesn’t come easy, it has to be earned!! Digital marketing process entails targeting an audience and increasing its size by engagement on social media. The ways to engage with the followers include:

1. Contests

Contest campaigns aim at testing the customer’s knowledge of particular goods and services a company deals in or renders. Benefits of participating and winning such contests include cash, gift hampers, giveaways, and sweepstakes. The motivation behind competing in the competitions is the price reward which excites both new and existing customers. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are some of the social networks used to rally up support so that people can participate. The ultimate result is to capture the customer’s attention as well as create awareness as far as popularity of the brand is concerned.

2. Question and Answer

This option allows for direct interaction between the consumer and company personnel. It’s a straightforward process that can be done in many ways. A customer might need to know something concerning goods and services; all he/she needs to do is send a message directly to the company using the accepted form of social media. The company may also pose questions to their followers to gather how much they know concerning their merchandise, history or services. In both instances, the company stands a good chance of getting feedback.

3. Blog post

Starting a blog today doesn’t cost much time and even money in some cases. All you need is domain and web hosting service, and both are available for free if at first you don’t have the required funds for their premium plans.

Next up is your type and quality of content you post for the audience or followers. The nature of content you share may make or break your engagement strategy as it determines whether people read your blog posts.

Your content must be highly informative, original and must tell a story about your products or services. Content must also be relevant and should answer questions that clients may have in regard to your company or its services. Also look up your comments section on your posts and engage with readers as it may increase your following.

4. Images

Content accompanied by pictures and captivating captions tend to garner more engagement on social media than other kinds of content. Images convey messages quickly, and followers can share it with friends on social network platforms. You must, however, use high-quality photos.

Creativity cuts across all fields of specialization, and content creation are no different. Social media managers need to continually come up with ways to keep their audience captivated by posting compelling content.