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Film production companies have provided us with different types of movies that keep us coming back for more.  Production companies may dedicate to creating their in-house films or own different subsidiary film development companies. Film production companies in Amsterdam have been part of the front and center of the Nederland movie industry. Most of these production companies have been around for quite some time, and new ones are also growing daily. Here are some of the best film production companies of Amsterdam that are leading the charge to make some of the best movies in the Netherland film industry.


New Amsterdam Film company is an entertainment media company that functions with an integrated film studio mentality. They are fond of collaborating and fishing out exceptional talent from all over the world to finance, develop, produce and release high-end video narrative across all platforms. They also create original content and even partner with advertising brands and agencies. Due to the increase in the number of audiovisual works produced every day, there is an increase in the demand for hybrid filmmakers and New Amsterdam film company transform engaging narratives into intense cinematic experiences. Part of their mission is to create movies that make audiences all over the world cry, love, laugh or hate. Although they are firmly rooted in contemporary culture, the company fulfills different demand by combining international production know-how, craftsmanship and marking knowledge to full effect.


Revolver Amsterdam film production company is an award-winning, independent studio that comprises of the production, financing, development, and distribution of quality original content for different types of audiences all over the world. They provide stories that matter, provoke, those designed to make an impact and also get real attention and deep engagement. They aim to engage audiences with their challenging, original and storytelling to cultivate the development of efficient and powerful ideas. They have a diverse international network of writers, directors, and creatives. Although Revolver Amsterdam is digitally minded and varied, always united by the love for good stories, film design, and advertising.


Producers Isidor Roebers and Kasper van Beek started Fonk film while they were still studying at the Dutch Film Academy Netherland. They made use of their talents and created features, music videos; shorts branded content and TV pilots. The producers graduated in 2014 keeping them intimately connected to the best ability of the film Academy making them create the best cinematic style for a sharp budget. Apart from working with local clients, they have recorded more successes by producing projects for several international companies that include Vimeo, Bloomberg, and CNN to help them arrange and coordinate their shoot all over the Netherlands. Fonk Film also merged their powers with NL Film & TV, and this allowed them to create Totem Media majorly focused on web formats, from non-scripted to scripted storytelling. They have been on the front row of the Amsterdam film industry are always regarded as one of the best.