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Advertising Knows Everything About You

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We receive dozens of newsletters and messages every day, and we see an unlimited number of banners on social networks. While most ad vendors already offer tools to help companies and product owners to reach their target audience in the most optimal way, we are still reached by completely non-targeted or low-quality ads that seem more like spam. However, the advertising market inevitably changes alongside with new and smart technologies, but it is not worth to be afraid of these changes.

Advertising Cycle

Online advertising professionals see trends in trends and believe that the blame for the spam is not the dysfunctional technology, but the people themselves. For example, back in 1994, most emails were opened, and now that number has dropped to twenty percent. It does not mean that email is not suitable platform or have any bad features. That means people are ruining technology. In the advertising market, it all started with a few panels trying to grab attention that people did not want to pay attention to. Advertising became more and more intrusive and the common dissatisfaction of internet users was ignored.

Over time, websites and advertisers have created the whole ecosystem in which websites have increased the amount of advertising, while advertisers and media agencies have been thinking more and more about how to grab attention of a larger audience. Now when we open any page, we get such an overdose of advertising that we even have an idea how to escape from it. The intrusive advertising technologies has also led to the popularity of ad-blocking plugins, and even individual business models have emerged. For example, Spotify and many other music or video streaming platforms offer to avoid advertising by paying money for a special package. In this way, the consumer is terrorized by paying money to be able to avoid the advertising.

Rapid Growth

According to statistics, most ads are viewed by people who are using mobile devices, phones, and tablets. The research shows that people spend more than 20 hours a month just for browsing on a mobile device. Even Google gives a better position to those web pages that have a high-quality mobile version. Over the past 12 months, web page views on phones and tablets have grown from 34 to 59 percent compared to personal computer views.

Spontaneous Perspectives

Mobile devices allow the personal advertising to a target person according to the current location. As we go further, we will see more and more spontaneous advertising solutions that do not yet exist. Imagine: you enter a restaurant and immediately receive a subtle message on your phone that a coffee discount is being applied right now. Or maybe you will take a look at the shoes in the store and only by lifting them on the nearest screen will you see that it is the promotion that applies to them, you will get acquainted with the materials from which they were made. But for now, let us settle for more earthly technologies.

Spontaneous Perspectives
Spontaneous Perspectives